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Property Consultation


This is one of the most important steps in getting your home ready for sale! 


A 1.5-2 hour consultation gives us the opportunity to tour the property with the home owner and make assessments from the buyers prospective.


Through background market research of the current listings in your area, we discern who is your most likely buyer. This valuable information allows us to make educated suggestions based on what we know are their buying habits.  At the meeting, we give you suggestions  on upkeep, repairs, updates, editing furniture, paint colour selection, as well as support you with a list of valued vendors to help you with your projects. 


At the end of the consultation, we sit down with you and prioritize recommendations based on your time, budget, and resources while taking into account which ones will yield the best Return On Investment (ROI).  We want you to spend your money wisely and with intention, so that any investment you make  in your home before it goes on the market, gives you an edge over the competition. 

Within 2 business days we send you multiple quotes for the staging project so that you have a host of beautiful options at various price points.

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