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Photography/Open House Prep


This service is an ideal way of quickly getting your property prepared for professional photography and/or an open house. 


The purpose of this service is to "touch up" the property right before photography/open house.  Our mission is to highlight the property's  best features  and make sure that no distracting detail is overlooked. This can include anything from setting up beds up properly, styling couches, last minute furniture moves and editing furniture, and artwork reconfiguration.  Each property has different needs, and thus, needs to be approached differently.


It consists of us touching up the property for 2 hours, using the inventory that the clients have on hand or have recently purchased.  We focus our attention on the most critical rooms first and then move to less critical rooms as time permits. 

It is highly recommended that clients always have a property consultation before any staging, but this service can be the exception to the rule if  lack of available time is a factor.

*Please note that, as with all services, the property must be fully cleaned prior to our arrival.  We are NOT a cleaning service! :)

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